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Well-groomed nails - the first step to the ideal imageFlawless nails - it is aspiration of each lady. As is known, pulchritude is contained even in the smallest specialties. Certainly, you may tend of your nails yourself, albeit without the assist of our manicure and pedicure salon' professionals you can not attain the equal outcome.

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One of the most pop client services in the salon - a gel and acrylic nail extension. After all, long and soigne nails - the edge of goal of each fashion girl. Natural nails are frequently too frangible and you need a lot of obstinacy to grow them.

Professional equipment and supplies for nail extension, which are employed in the cabin - is a pledge that your hands will be in good trim after any manipulation that you will order.The best UV and LED lamps for nails do not suppose you to expend precious time at your master. Contemporary equipment admits to handle much faster. Millings for a manicure and a pedicure are permitted our employees to tend quickly and accurately.

Manicure and pedicure services - something on which you should not economize, inasmuch as badly painted nails could ruin sentiment for a week before.